Uploaded premium account frquently asked questions!

What is uploaded.net? Uploaded.net is cloud file hosting where you can backup, store and share your photos, clips, music etc. Can i do it for free? Yes! But as free user your download speed is only 50-70 kbs and you can download only one link every 180 minutes. What I get with premium account? You… Read More »

How to use your credit card online?

Using your credit card online can be safe, but also dangerous if you enter your details on the wrong type of website. This article discusses how to use your credit card safely, and prevent having your details stolen. Also, read this if you want to learn how to recovery from having your credit card details… Read More »

Are your files secure with Uploaded.net?

Let’s start out by mentioning that the days to physically store your data on your hard drive, cd’s, usb drives are coming to an end. With the recent outburst of technology. Uploaded.net is the becoming the top most preferred way to store your files over the internet. But the question still stays are your files… Read More »

Backup files with Uploaded

Backup files with Uploaded also known as online backup is a process which involves sending your data over the internet to a remotely hosted server. This server is mostly owned by a third-party service provider who charges you a specific amount on the total amount of space you have used. Online backup solutions are built… Read More »

Difference between Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting

Most of the internet users don’t have a proper knowledge to differentiate the two, both the terms are similar but their differences have not be clear to the common user. What is Web Hosting? Web Hosting is a business where service providers provide server space for websites or applications to the users in return for… Read More »

Why choose cloud host?

So, you have decided to start taking backups with uploaded premium account? With the recent success of cloud computing and online storage, many companies have started to put their hands into this highly profitable pile of sugar. One thing you got to realise is you receive what you pay for. We would be helping you… Read More »

Why Choose AlfaFile Premium Accounts

Let’s be completely honest, you can get a free cloud account with any number of cloud storage companies today. You will even get some pretty decent extras to go with it. But there is one thing you will not have, and yet, this is something you absolutely need as you store your precious personal or… Read More »

Uploaded.net Premium and Review

The simple fact is that there are nearly limitless choices for the individual consumer to go with when storing or sharing documents online. So many companies have flooded the market that the term “cloud” has become mainstream and yet lost any real meaning at the same time. With so many options to choose from, how… Read More »

A Complete AlfaFile Premium Account Review

Introduction Alfafile.net is a world-renowned provider of data storage and file sharing services. They offer a safe and secure platform for any user to upload files and even share them with other internet users quite easily. The user-friendly file manager, the high download speed options and the wide range of payment methods are some of… Read More »

Why You Should Choose an Uploaded.net Premium Account

Uploaded.net offer file storage solutions as well as sharing options for virtually any kind of file you have. The site is the brainchild of a Swiss company and offers both free and paid premium accounts for more features. Uploaded.net offers a free account for anyone willing to sign up. However, better features, better assistance and… Read More »