If you are wondering what keep2share is, it is the cloud software for sharing files. Cloud storage provides a lot of flexibility and a host of other benefits. You only need to drag the file and your file would reach the storage cloud instantly. And, with that, you would be able to share the files with anybody, who is using a Mac or a PC.

Keep2share Premium

You could either get the k2s.cc for free or go for the keep2share premium account. But, when you get the premium account, you will get a lot of added advantages. Given below are some of the major benefits:

  1. Limits: Free services have a limit but the premium accounts have no limits.
  2. Download speed: The download speed is quite low and is only around 50KB/s for the free services. But, for the premium accounts, there is no waiting time and download speed is almost around 30MB/s. Even when the servers are busy, the premium account holders get the first priority.
  3. Maximum File Size: The maximum file download size in free services is 500MB and upload file size is 2GB, while the maximum file size is around 5GB for premium account users.
  4. Storage time: In free services, the storage time is around 1 month and in the k2s.cc premium account, the storage time is almost 3 months.
  5. Download of multiple files: For free users, the download time between 2 files is 1 hour. But, for premium account holders, multiple files can be downloaded at the same time. And, they can use the bandwidth of almost 20GB per day. If they wish to check the available traffic in their accounts, they can get that information as well.
  6. Resume from the aborted downloads: A premium user would be able to stop and resume back from the aborted downloads, but the free service user will not get that benefit.
  7. Use the Download Managers: The Premium account holder would be able to use the download manager for doing all kinds of downloads. There will be no limitations.

Keep2share Payment

Now that you have realized the importance of going for a premium account for k2c.cc, you would want to know about the payments as well. The payments made on the site are completely safe as they are processes through the SSL connection. You can make the payments through credit card. The transaction will be 100% safe and the account will be activated instantly, once the payment is received. There would be varying bank fees, based on the method of payment. This is known as the transaction fees. There are lifetime plans available on keep2share or you could also go for a 30 days plan and get them renewed after a month.

With a lot of companies moving over to cloud computing and cloud storage, why do you want to stay behind? Take the keep2share premium account and derive all the benefits. All the downloads would be fully secured with the best encryption methods. You would be able to get so many added features with the premium account. With a 100% money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose with k2s.cc premium.